About US

MyTutorPod was founded with a vision to bring comfortability in tuition services. The idea was to get a smooth and stress-free learning environment for male and female students in the comfort of homes around the globe. The affordability of quality tutoring has been the primary goal of the MyTutorPod team. We are proud to have conducted over a million of successful classes over a decade and the numbers keep adding on every day!

Our Story

At MyTutorPod, we are diligent in providing the highest quality of education to our students. We believe achieving top grades is never difficult when students have a thorough understanding of their subjects. That is why we nurture the concepts of our students from the very basics. The strong foundation of the subjects that we build up in the mind of our students make them stand high quite above the rest even in the hardest examinations system. Our students don’t only enjoy scoring the highest grades but they also have perfect theoretical knowledge when they step into practical lives. With our specialized one-on-one tutoring approach, we make sure that students learn and understand their concepts practically that would help them in higher studies and their careers.


We have implemented a state-of-the-art Learning Management System (LMS) which has made the learning experience of difficult subjects quite easy. Think of the LMS as your personalized assistance that would help you with your class management. The implementation of LMS has revolutionized the online learning experience. You no longer have to worry about managing your online classes manually, especially if you have a child who cannot manage his/her classes on his/her own.

Our team is quite extensive, with more than 200 teachers working tirelessly every day & night to ensure that the money you spend on your child’s education gets you the results you desire. Every month we conduct more than a 10 thousand classes for students from all over the globe. Our story more than a decade old, and we have completed over a million of successful classes in these years

But it’s been quite a journey.

When the governments brought in the lockdowns in 2020, schools got shut down, and a good majority of tutors worldwide lost their jobs. We faced the same setbacks, but with our hard work and conviction, we made sure that none of our tutors had to leave job. We turned to even the last resorts to keep our platform alive, and through all that austerity, we survived, and now we have more firm ambition in our sights.

The ambition is to ensure that every one of our students gets a solid foundational basis of their subjects, so they never fall even in the most challenging times of their career.