When My Child Should Start Reading?

When My Child Should Start Reading?


Most parents are curious about their child’s reading ability. Since there is no definite age for reading, some children might start reading quite earlier than others. The usual reading age is considered as six years. If your child has already reached third grade but has still not started reading, it is crucial to work on their reading capacities because soon it would start to impact their academic performance.


How Reading Skills are developed?

Reading skill is related to specific parts of the child’s brain. Some develop reading skills quite fast. The first of the reading attempts are made by children at two years when they want to rhyme their favorite poems. At this age, the children try to utter some parts of the words for the things they use or see from their eyes. As children enter pre-school, they can pronounce half letters of the words easily. The kindergarten students are good at pronouncing complete words and connecting them with the right pronunciations. These children would also be able to process a lot of common words spoken in front of them.


Do Schools teach reading skills?

Schooling facilitates the reading abilities of children in many ways. If you are worried about the slow reading ability of your child, you can rely on the schooling to sharpen their reading abilities. Schools have been using a lot of traditional ways of reading for the first graders.

Some schools work on the reading abilities of children by showing different letters & commonly spoken words to pre-schooling children. Teachers help children to pronounce these words and use them in sentences.


Schools may also work on pronunciation capabilities first and then proceed with meanings. The children may be asked to utter letters & common words without knowing their meaning. This strategy is rather more focused on pronunciation than understanding. When children can easily pronounce words, they can dig out their meanings later on.


How Can Parents help to boost reading ability?

Parents play a vital role in developing the early reading skills of children. Those parents who read in front of their children, encourage their reading abilities. These children try to put in more effort to copy the reading style of their parents. This goes the same for listening to your children. Parents should also pay good attention to child’s words when they try to read or speak in front of their parents.


Specific Ways to Boost up Reading Abilities

Here are some specific activities that you can do to boost up your child’s reading ability.

1- Reading stories aloud to your children.

2- Try to point out words you are speaking before children.

3- Reading stories books to children and asking them to pronounce words & pictures.

4-Encourage questioning & replying to your child’s question.

5-Connecting reading with fun games.





Reading ability cannot be confined to a specific age. However, the reading skills will be developed for every child who reaches the third grade.

Parents who start to encourage the reading skill of children can get the lifelong benefits. Their children would develop the highest levels of reading ability by third grade while others may be struggling with accurate pronunciations. This may lead them to become quite a good reader throughout their lives. This skill would be a lot beneficial in reading the extensive lessons and preparing best for examinations.

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