The Pros and Cons of Online Tutoring

The Pros and Cons of Online Tutoring


Finding a tutor has been a tiresome job in the past. Parents would spend weeks searching for the right teacher to help their struggling children. This process has changed through online tutoring.


A student logs to the computer at home and connects with the teacher online for one-to-one tutoring classes. Everything takes place at home through computers. Let us take a look at the pros and cons in this brief:


  • PRO: convenience. Online tutoring offers a lot more convenience to parents, students & teachers. It saves your time and cost. You don’t have to worry about traffic jams during tutoring times. Your child alone can switch on to their pcs at home to connect with teachers.
  • CON: Requires maximum focus. Students need to focus on a live feed of their teachers than on pop-up notifications of other applications. There are a lot of tempting distractions like computer games or Facebook on the computer as well. Also, teachers need to be more vigilant on child’s responses because they cannot easily judge children’s confused expressions from the video screens.
  • PRO: Emergency Plan. Online tutoring is the only reliable option to deal with academic emergencies. It can be a last-minute saving plan. If you have found out about the poor preparation level of your children just before exams, online tutoring sessions will be your rescue plan. You can quickly join any subjects tutoring class in emergencies by selecting online tutoring services. It is not possible in the case of other tutoring methods.
  • CON: Tougher Teaching Method for Some Cases. Some subjects could not be easily taught online. These include language courses that involve pronunciations. An online tutor might not concentrate on a child’s mouth movements in an online case. There is another case of drawings. A teacher might not see students’ pictures from video screens.
  • PRO: Wide range of tutors. You are free from physical boundaries. You can select a teacher across continents & countries without any effort. This increases the availability of teachers in every subject. It gives you more freedom to be choosy in selecting your teacher. You can look for a good humour teacher for your mathematics courses.
  • CON: Hidden Expenses. This is never a completely economic option. There are other factors involved except for the tutor charges. Your child might need to purchase a laptop if you don’t have one at home. Some tutoring platforms might only work with iPad. If you don’t have this equipment, you would be adding a lot of expense to your budget.
  • PRO: Digital notes. Your messages are well kept on your computers. Much chatting software has notes options for students. Your child can quickly put up their findings there without thinking of missing the notes sheets.
  • CON: Frauds. Online businesses are a mix of fraud and real ones. You would have to be careful. As a general rule, a good corporation will link you and your child with tutors for scheduling your classes. If the corporation sticks too long on paperwork or asks you to deposit significant fees, you may be getting into a tutoring scam.


You would have to be a little cautious with online tutoring services. Once you have made the right move, online tutoring services are far more effective than in-person tutoring methods. Of course, who doesn’t likes the idea of learning from the comfort zones of homes?

Online tutoring is not always the counter-option for in-person tutoring. Parents can sometimes choose to tackle educational emergencies in the last few days before exams. In this case, in-person & online tutoring will go hand in hand. A child may have missed an important concept during in-person tutoring; parents can hire online tutors to teach the specific idea to their children in a single session.

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