9 Ways to Improve Your Child's Behavior

9 Ways to Improve Your Child’s Behavior

Parents and teachers often wonder how to discipline a child with behavior problems. Some children genuinely have challenging behaviors regardless of what strategies we try. However, many children benefit when the adults in their lives make changes in the way they react, respond, or interact with them.

Every child has a struggle. Some children get stuck in behavioral problems for life. This is all dependent on the reactions of people around them. Children take a lot of impressions from the behavior of adults. We will be discussing the ten simple techniques to encourage positive behavior:


     1- Acknowledge Their Small Efforts

It would help if you could make a habit of praising children for little effort. Like, I was so impressed to notice that you were pretty focused while doing your homework last night!. Similarly, it was great to see you helping out your little sister. These statements may look like regular appraisals but have a lot of positive impacts on children’s behavior. Usually, children seek the endorsement and reaction of their adults on their actions. Whenever they hear any praise, they put up their best efforts in those tasks to earn more credit in the future.


     2- Use Positive Body Gestures

Sometimes. Body language act more like appraisals. You can appreciate your child by giving thumbs up, a generous smile, or a good high five. You can pat them too on the back of their good actions. Some children might be too shy to be touched, so it is better to know your kid before using your body language.


     3- Break the Ice with Jokes

Crack good humor jokes to make them feel comfortable around you. You can start telling them some silly fun stories to make them friendlier towards you.


     4- Express Happiness 

It would be best to welcome your child with a good smile or a good hug. It makes children feel essential around you. You should be eager to ask about their day and activities whenever you meet them.


     5- Remind them to Be Proud

It is quite productive to remind children often of them. Children who think of being successful can earn success in their lives. The key is to have confidence in them. Parents can use statements like; you did that class activity quite well than others. You must be feeling a lot proud of yourself today.

     6- Develop interests in Child’s interests

You should show your passion towards their interest even if you don’t have much of the fundamental interests. A good way is to ask about their interests and preferences to do daily life activities. Parents should show their excitement and enthusiasm while listening to the child’s interests and activities. Parents should let children put effort into their areas of interest.


     7- Use Empathy & Encouragement

There will be a lot of times when children would feel disappointed. This will be crucial, and parents’ behavior would count a lot here. Children might have failed the subject quiz, and they would be feeling sad for it. You must show your concern positively than in criticizing manner. It’s better to say that I understand it must be quite a tough test in class. You will be okay with it next time.

You must avoid statements like things will be okay with time. These statements have negative impacts on children.


     8- Welcome Difference of Opinions

It would be best if you did not force your thinking on your children. Your thoughts & experience might be very sound, but their thinking needs to be encouraged. You can share your difference of opinion with them, but you should accept their ideas directly. Children develop more confidence to express their thoughts to their parents, and they feel more open towards their parents.


     9- Be a Practical Role Model

Children follow your example. You should develop the practical values in front of them. If you want them to be honest, you must practice honesty in your acts in front of them. The practicality of good actions has a lot more impact on children than teaching them these values from the books.


Children can easily change their behaviors when expressing their emotions with understanding adults & parents. Let’s focus on these values so that our children have the highest character values and respectful behavior towards others.

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