Six Techniques to Handle Your Child's School Stress

Six Techniques to Handle Your Child’s School Stress


Stress is a very familiar term to adults. We mostly find ourselves in stressful situations in our lives. Stress is theoretically our body’s reaction to non-favorable situations in our lives. These can be threats or anything that disturbs our peace.


Have you ever thought of stress in children? Children also go through a lot of stress. Since they spend most of their time at school, their stresses are mostly related to school.


Sources of Stress

Following are the sources of stress in children:

  • Teachers Strictness
  • Congested Classrooms
  • Noisy environment
  • School Assessments


Symptoms of Stress

Children show the same emotions in stress as their adults. These are:

  • Feeling Sad, Panic or Anger
  • Lack of Focus, self-confidence & forgetfulness
  • Physical distress like heavy sweats, headache, or rapid heartbeat
  • Abnormality in behaviors like shouting or crying

The effects of stress are more dangerous on children because it disturbs their peace and has long-term negative impacts on their development.


Initiate Conversations

Stress can only be solved through conversation. It applies equally to adults and children. If you find anyone the symptom of stress in your child, you must sit to talk about it with your child. Many children would want to isolate themselves, but the parents must talk about their stresses.


Become an Active Listener

When you talk about your child’s stress, you must not behave like a parent. It is better to avoid giving advice and try not to ask your child to forget things and move on. This practice wouldn’t do any good. A useful way here is to behave friendly with your children. You must ask your child to explain every worry they have from the school.


Structure your life examples

The most effective stress-handling strategy is through storytelling. You can easily structure a stress story from your life. You can use your tough work schedule or life hardships to tell your children that stress is part of everyone’s life. There is nothing wrong with feeling stress. However, they should be open to discussing the issues with parents as it is the only way to reduce their stress.


Behave Positively 

It would be best if you behaved very positively to your child’s stress. There is no use in asking your child to forget everything and move on. This would not help because children would feel that no one is interested in their problems. You can tell your children that it is okay to feel sad or angry sometimes, but they must talk about stress.


Develop Physical Activities

Studies suggest that physical activities help a lot to reduce stress levels. Being a parent, you must schedule physical activity for your children. This does not necessarily mean sports, but it can be a daily walk in the house garden. An hour of playing ping pong also counts as physical activity. However, it would be best not to use competitions as the child’s physical activity. This can also become a source of stress if your child lags behind someone else in certain playing activities.


Inspire children towards Hobbies  

The concept of hobbies is fading away in modern times. Most parents don’t ponder over the hobbies of their children. Parents get busy with their child schooling, sports, and tutoring arrangements. However, the real stress handling strategy is through hobbies. Doing things that interest children can relieve their stresses away easily.


If your child loves to play piano, you can try arranging piano sessions every weekend for them to limit their school stresses. Similarly, if your child loves drawing, you can schedule an hour of drawing every weekend to make them feel happy.


Stresses can encourage negativity and also impact the academic performance of your children. Stresses can be easily handled with the above strategies. You must identify school stress levels in your children and implement one of the above techniques to address these problems.

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