Six False Beliefs about Tutoring

Six False Beliefs about Tutoring

A lot of misconceptions have surrounded tutoring. These misconceptions are false beliefs that have transferred from generation to generation. We will point out these common myths and their false basis in this article.


It Makes You Dependent

The most common misconception is that tutoring makes you dependent on tutors. However, it does the opposite in reality. Tutoring encourages students to use their maximum potential in learning tough subjects. A child may not be getting due attention in a class of thirty and might not grasp the concepts. But tutoring ensures that every concept is learned correctly through one-to-one teaching sessions.


It Kills Confidence

Another common false belief is that tutored students aren’t capable of doing any good in academics independently. Parents think that hiring tutors will make children feel that they can’t do better in exams without the help of a tutor. But in reality, tutoring shows the right path to struggling students. Tutors help students compete with others who have been left far behind in academics by teaching them whole new creative methods that are quite different from traditional schooling schedules.


It is only for the Rich

Another myth around tutoring is affordability. People believe only rich people can afford to tutor children while common people should only go for children’s schooling. Tutoring might have been expensive before but isn’t anymore today. Tutoring is now more affordable than most regular schooling. You can now opt for online tutoring of your child and pay hourly at the most economical charges on our platform. This will surely cost lower than ordering a hamburger from the restaurant!


It Steals the Credit of Your Success

Another common misconception is that tutoring steals the success of your children. According to this myth, all the credits of scoring high in exams go to the highly paid tutors instead of children.


However, in actual tutors are the ones who prepare children to do their best in exams. They provide techniques to help children tackle their subjects’ inefficient manner. The actual credit is for the student who will perform in the examinations.


It Makes You Non-Responsible

Most students find it easy to put the reasons for their failure on tutors. However, parents should understand that tutoring doesn’t ensure the highest marks in every subject. This is fairly possible, but every child has their learning capacity. Some are slow learners, while some are sharp ones. However, it ensures a lot of improvements in the current academic performance of every child. Parents must not rush to blame tutors when their child scores average in certain subjects.

Tutors should be given a fair chance to change their strategies for teaching if their current ones are not bringing the expected results.


You can learn new things instead of courses

Parents think that their children should learn something different from the course material. They believe that doing sports or learning an instrument is more productive than hiring a tutor for teaching the same course again. However, this isn’t true. Tutoring doesn’t teach the students in traditional ways of schooling, but they use highly creative teaching ways. This is why students who have been scoring low in certain subjects can easily score best through tutoring. Online tutoring is very flexible, and students can schedule their classes as per their comfortability with teachers.


Tutoring isn’t a problem for your child. It pushes your child to true potential by using the most engaging methods of teaching tough subjects.


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