How to Choose Quality Kindergarten for Your Child?

How to Choose Quality Kindergarten for Your Child?


Finding the right Kindergarten for your child is quite a task. Researchers suggest that the first thousand days of children’s lives have an immense effect on their brain development. Children learn a lot from their experiences & environments during these days. Pre-schooling is one of the places they experience and learn from in their early skills development age.

Parents sometimes are not able to create a productive learning environment for children. A good alternative is a Kindergarten. Because Kindergarten is specially designed to work on skills & behavioral development for children aged 2 to 5 years. We are going to enlist five major areas to take into consideration while choosing Kindergarten for your child.


  1. Relationships Building — Children take a lot of impact from their relationships. Teachers at best Kindergarten schools follow the same practice. They make the children feel important and more secure when at Kindergarten. From interacting warmly in the mornings to the day’s end, teachers pay complete attention to child’s interests & preferences. Children soon feel at home at Kindergarten due to such a caring environment.


  1. Health and Safety Standards — Health & safety should not be compromised when selecting Kindergarten. Your child would be spending every day eating there. Kindergarten schools should promote more pure and natural food diets for youngsters. They should provide them with healthy nutrients and never serve any underrated food. Parents should do a quick check of food items served to their younger ones.


  1. Engaging Learning Approaches — The first learning experience of children takes place at Kindergarten. Learning activities need to be very engaging and entertaining for kids not to develop a dull image of the learning process. The first learning experience will have a more profound impact on the children. The best approach here is to make the learning process more child-focused. It should all be inclined towards child interest. Research suggests that the learning process is relatively more productive when it is all based on children’s engagement and interests. Some of the key indicators of child interest are their curiousness & self engagement to learn more about a specific topic.


  1. Physical Learning Environment — Physical activities hold critical importance in learning. Kindergarten must have appropriate indoor & outdoor based physical activity space for children. A more creative way would be to depict a private room-like environment to children with toys or poem books, so they feel the home-like atmosphere.


  1. Skills & Character Building Policies — A good kindergarten would implement the skills & character building internationally research strategies for children. Some would present family handbooks to parents on the first day of their child’s kindergarten schooling. The booklet would enlist all the areas of personal development that will be targeted for the child’s learning processes.


You must look for the licensed holders of Kindergartens in your locality. It is the primary parameter to ensure that kindergartens follow the quality guidelines of licensing authorities. You should then proceed to the qualities checklist above to further prove that you are not making the wrong move on selecting your children’s first pre-schooling institution.


We will be discussing more pre-schooling in subsequent posts. Stay tuned to learn more about children’s preschool experiences on our blog!

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