How To Score Best in Mathematics

How To Score Best in Mathematics


Many students find it hard to digest mathematics. Some easily give up on this subject and perceive it entirely difficult for the whole of their lives. Some children might have a very firm understanding of the subject but they would find it hard to deliver their understanding in examinations. They won’t score above average due to a lack of mathematics examination techniques. We will be listing down some smart approaches in tackling mathematics examinations.


1 – Practice Every Problem


Practice is the only way through in mathematics. You would need to practice every question after understanding its concept. In examinations, you will be tested both for practice and concepts. If you only have the right concept, you would forget the steps to reach the solution. On the other side, if you only have practice, you would only know the steps of the solution but won’t be able to understand the question.


2 – Learn the Formula Sheets


You should be quite familiar with math formulas. A great way is to understand the math formula sheet well before the examinations. A formula sheet is mostly attached with question papers. However, if you haven’t seen the sheet before you might not find it useful. It is best to get familiar with the math formula sheet attached to your textbooks.


3 – Know your scientific calculator


For students advancing to O & A levels, scientific calculators can be of great help. But understanding a scientific calculator and how to use it needs a good amount of practice. You must know what type of functions the scientific calculator can perform and how to use it.

We are listing down some of the useful functions that your calculators can do:

  1. Polar to rectangular forms conversions
  2. Calculating Matrices and their properties
  3. Solving algebraic expressions
  4. Vectors calculation & solution
  5. Integration functions

You must learn how to use these functions before your examinations.


 4 – Get to know derivations well


You would be dealing with a lot of derivations & theorems at O & A levels. It is best to know the concept of these derivations and their meanings than to memorize them without any concept. Understanding the right purpose of derivations can help you a lot in understanding theorems.


5 – Address your mistakes & clear concepts


Mathematics usually bridges one concept to another. If you have flaws in your concepts, you would easily spot them in the next lessons. It’s better to understand your knowledge gaps beforehand and address them from the basics. Ignoring the knowledge gap will lead to more mistakes in the next concepts and you will face a lot of problems in understanding every next lesson.


6 – Practice & understand examples 


Examples help a lot in clearing your concepts. You must now jump to problems before going through solved examples in book chapters. These examples usually have an explanation attached to every solved step mentioning the concept behind the steps of the solution. If you have any vague idea or little doubt in your understanding, these examples will clear out any wrong concepts.


7 – Mastering of Basics


Mastering Mathematics is completely dependent on your basics. The very first chapters you started with are the most important ones. If you have weaker foundations, you won’t be able to make it any further. Mastering the basics is quite important in mathematics.

When you have grasped the basic concepts, solving complex problems won’t look like a challenge. Your mind would start predicting the steps of solutions just by looking at problems. However, the practice of the understood concepts is another crucial step to never lose your grip on solving mathematics problems.

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