Six Fun Ways to Teach Math to Children at Home

Six Fun Ways to Teach Math to Children at Home

We practice math in our daily lives without knowing it. We have been doing addition & subtraction functions of math at superstores when we are made payments at the counter. Children can learn these math concepts very easily if you show them how math works in their daily activities.

Parents can use many fun activities to teach basic mathematics to children. We will be going through six of the fun ways here.


  1. Teach Math through Recipes

Baking follows a lot of math principles. Math applies from putting half and quarter spoon of ingredients in a bowl to mixing them to get a final product. You can ask your child to be the chief chef one day at your home. Ask them to follow the recipe book and use the number of ingredients mentioned in the recipe. Once they are done, you can show them how they have used mathematics in their baking.

The counting will be more fun if your kid is a pizza or cookie lover. You can ask them to make a pizza slice and one cookie for the number of people at home.


  1. Teach Counting through Blocks

Most kids use blocks in playtime at home. These blocks can help a lot in teaching addition, multiplication & counting principles. You can ask your kid to make a mountain structure with the help of blocks and then count how many pieces were used to make up the structure. If you can’t find the blocks in the kid toys, you can use empty bottles & boxes to teach mathematics. You can plan up to stack bottles one upon another to build up a standing structure with your kid.


  1. Teach Geometry with Different Toys

You can teach geometry with the help of geometrically shaped toys. The shaped toys can usually be inserted back into the boards and removed. You can start teaching them by pointing at every shape and pronouncing their geometric names like circles or squares. You can also count four square corners before your kid so that they know how corners are counted. You can then ask your child to insert back the shapes by calling the name of each of them.

If you are missing geometrically shaped toys at home, we have still a way out for you. You can get a colored paper sheet and cut out different shapes. Then you can ask your child to remember the name of each form that was cut from the paper.


  1. Teach Minutes & Seconds Addition through Clock

Kids are most fascinated by ticking clocks. They are keen to ponder over the continuously moving arms of the watch. If your kid is also fascinated by ticking sounds, you can teach them math here too. It would be best to ask your child to do every activity within the next two cycles. You can also ask them to count the number of cycles of clock arms when they are done with the coloring assignment. This will help your child know that some tasks take shorter minutes while others take longer clock minutes to complete.


  1. Teach Numbers with Abacus

Abacus is no doubt one of the oldest child games of the time. But they are still effective as they teach math in one of the most interesting ways to children. The attractive colors of abacus beads attract children, and they easily learn to slide them forth and backward. While the kids enjoy the movement of the beads, you can teach them math here. You can ask them to count, add & subtract different colored beads. But do you know the real ideology behind the colors of beads? If you have played abacus in your childhood and still miss the logic, you must be surprised to learn that colors aren’t only for counting, but they represent odd & even groups of numbers too. Do teach your kids these concepts, too, in the abacus.


  1. Teach Money Saving Through Coins

Saving money is one of the most important lessons. But what if you don’t know how much you have saved so far? The math counting principle applies here. You can bring a piggy bank for your little one to drop a coin every day in it. After a few days, you can ask your kid to recall how many coins they would have accumulated so far. The learning of both principles of saving and counting can be done through the piggybanks.

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