Unhappy Student in School

Is your child happy at school?

A new academic year is a whole unique experience for every child. Some children might be stepping into elementary school levels while some might be starting the very first day of schooling. It means a lot to children & parents. However, your child’s happiness at school can be gauged by certain behaviours. If they are too shy to express their struggles in school, we are providing you with the typical criteria to know if your child isn’t happy at school.

Reluctant to Talk about School

A well-interested child is going to tell you all of the happenings at school. You will know everything about tutors, breaks, books, and the syllabus in your child’s words. But if they remain silent on their return from school, it means they haven’t liked the school environment. You can dig deeper with your children to question the school and the new class if they have been mute for a long time. A usual response from such children would be a single word mentioning yes or no. 

Behaving dull after school

A boring workday passes like years and the same goes for the boring school day. You will see your children completely exhausted while coming back from school. They are also likely to remain distracted at home too thinking of going to school for another boring day. If you have been noticing this behaviour, you must extend your full support to children to know more about their struggles.

Typical School Sickness

Do your child often fall sick & lazy on school days and behave super active on weekends. We all know that we have been using this kind of deceiving behaviour to avoid school days. But this behaviour should be investigated to root cause. Sometimes, it may be due to anxiety. A good refreshing tour outside from home can eliminate stress and your children would be enthusiastic to join the school after exciting holidays.  

Talk with School Teachers

Chatting with school teachers can provide a firm understanding of your child’s struggles at school. Apart from the regular indications, you must reaffirm your child’s behaviour by sitting with their teachers. They may not be able to provide very accurate feedback since they might be teaching to a group of twenty or thirty students. However, you can get another idea of your child’s behaviour from the teacher’s statements. 

How should I help my struggling child?

Part of most parents’ school pickup routine will include asking their children how their day has been. However, this might not always be a true reflection of how they feel. They might be caught up in the excitement of the awesome painting they just finished or the commendation they just received from their teacher.

You must ask about the school days of children at weekends. It is fine to ask your children about school activities while picking them up from school. But the immediate response isn’t the firm ones. The children might be exhausted or distracted in thoughts of last subject classes just before the off time. They might reply all ok in such cases.

A more productive approach is to choose the most relaxed time cushion far away from such distractions. A good time slot can be during a family sitting at weekends. You can ask your children during such times to get the most perfect idea of their struggles at school.

Get Our Experts to Talk with your Children!

We are here to raise the confidence levels and eliminate the shyness of your children. Once they are fully confident in their selves, you won’t have to struggle a lot to know more about their feelings every school year.

Our tutors choose the friendliest ways to speak to your children and to help them out with their struggles. We can easily judge the struggles of your children and can advise on the solutions.

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