Child Got F Grade in Test

Why Your Child is Doing Best in Homework but Failing Tests

Homework is the revision of the concept learned at schools while tests evaluate the learning levels of students. However, sometimes tests become a source of high stress in children. Most fail to bear the stress levels and lose the ability to correctly respond to the learned concepts.

We have listed down the factors that contribute to your child’s poor scores. Let us have a look one by one:

1. Test anxiety

Tests must not become nightmares for children. The anxiety usually comes from the concept of tests as understood by society. Teachers may talk about the toughness of tests while parents may picture the similar idea of tests to students. In this way, they understand the tests as the most pressure-building challenge. Children develop the thinking that they are not going to make it and end up performing low in the tests.

The orthodox fear of tests shall be eliminated from the minds of children by setting up causal tests at home. Parents should develop a causal picture of tests in front of their children.

2. Lack of Sound Concepts

Teachers usually mark assignments on the content rather than accuracy. This is because they have to check the bulk of assignments in one go, and they set up standard parameters to mark on the content.

A major drawback is the case of struggling students. They may get higher marks on assignments while they may be very poor in concepts. The higher marks earn fake confidence to such students, and they think they have prepared best for the tests. However, in actual tests, the accuracy is monitored, and obviously, the students with the week concept are not able to make it through it.

3. Difference of Testing Patterns

Tests are patterned as per standard examination practices, which may look different than assignments and classwork patterns. Students might be answering long & lengthy questions in assignments while they may be asked to choose from multiple-choice questions at examinations.

This change in test and assignment patterns generate a learning gap, and students who performed very well in lengthy answers fail to deliver the best in short exam questions.

This happens mostly due to a lack of firm concepts. As the grounds of gauging students’ performance are changed, they fail to reach the maximum efficiency levels.

4. Lack of test performance skills

Test performance skills are different from assignments and classwork performances. The skills need to be learned and groomed, which a student may miss grasping in the classroom environment. The teacher has to cover up the syllabus and doesn’t concentrate much on the examination skills of students.

One-to-one sessions in online tutoring services can fill up these learning gaps easily among students. You can hire the finest tutors who will deliver sharp test-taking skills to students, so they deliver the best.

5. Slow Learners

Some children are fast learners, while some are slow learners. Slow learners are equally talented, but they need a bit larger period to deliver at the optimum levels. Their performance might be slower in examinations too. Such students might not be able to answer all questions in a limited time as they need ample time to digest the questions.

If you know the slow learning pace of your child, you can request the teacher to provide some additional time for your child. However, it isn’t mostly possible in the school environment. But it’s highly achievable in one-to-one online tutoring sessions with our expert tutors.

6. Lack of Organizational Study Skills

Some children struggle with information flow. They don’t have good study skills to shape up their study routine. They usually face streamlining & organizational issues while studying and don’t know how to prepare for their examinations effectively.

Our online tutors work on the learning styles of every student. They examine the struggles of every child and implement specific smart teaching strategies to bring their academic performance to the highest achievable levels.

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