Parents helping child to introduce with tutor

How to effectively set up first Children-Tutor Meetings?


First meetings are hard to predict. Being a parent, you can gauge many qualities of a tutor in the first meeting. We will be preparing you with essentials for your first meeting with your child’s tutor.


Preparing Children for First Meeting

Children might be reluctant to meet in person or greet someone at their computer screens. You can break the ice here by questioning your little ones on how they feel?. You can ask how they picture online tutoring to be. Do they feel excited or motivated to meet their new tutor? If not, you can buckle them up by explaining to them that they won’t be struggling with tough subjects alone now. You can assure children that they will have a friendly companion to solve their tough assignments.


Casual Talk with Tutor before first Meeting

You should get familiar with the teacher’s perspective beforehand. You can invite the teacher to some café over a cup of tea to gauge the tutor’s capabilities. If you remain busy all day, you can ring up the tutor for a casual talk. You should discuss the course outline with the teacher and understand how the teacher plans to deliver the lessons in engaging manners. You can also discuss your child’s insecurities with the teacher, so teacher and child meeting takes place without any insecurities.


Providing Children Academic Records

You should prepare a complete file of your child’s academic record for the tutor. This includes quarterly and annual school result cards, homework results & remarks, good and bad grades, and any negative or positive feedback from immediate teachers at school. These documents will provide enough background of difficulties being faced by the children in academics and the teacher can plan up the lessons as per the child’s academic interests and preferences.


Planning Up the Meeting Hours

A first tutor-child meeting shall take place in a very relaxed environment. You must make the right time choice here. You should not plan a meeting after school hours as the child won’t be able to concentrate much after a hectic day at school. It’s best to select weekend slots for the first parent, tutor, and child meeting so everyone is free from work-life stress. Children are mostly relaxed on weekends and tutors are also free from commitments on the weekends.


Planning Meeting Location

Aside from the meeting time, the meeting place is also an essential decision. It’s better not to select crowded places like parks for the first meeting. You should also avoid calling teachers at home during weekends. A selection of quiet and peaceful places like a good café or peaceful library can lead to more pleasant experiences.


What to Discuss?

It would not be the right approach to meet, greet and talk about tutoring in the first place. A friendlier meeting with teachers and children is essential to get them familiar with one another. You should start talking casually with the teacher and try cheerfully introducing the tutor to children so they won’t feel like being tutored from day one. Let the teacher ask about hobbies and interests of children to break the insecurities of children.



Deciding Outcomes of Meeting

If you see that child is still feeling reluctant and insecure, you should discuss the first impressions of the new teacher with the children. If children show some concerns, you should communicate them to the tutor so they can try some other friendly ways to interact with children. If you still see that the child isn’t blending well, you can get back to us for an appointment with another tutor who can break the ice with children.



Finalizing Selected Tutors

When the meeting and compatibility issues are sorted out, you can start to discuss the main strategy and course outline developed by the teacher. You can negotiate on fees and settle the most adequate offer in the end. You can set a lessons schedule with the tutor as per your availability and working hours. You can ask further how to gauge the performance of children after tutoring sessions to get an idea of how good & far the teacher is putting efforts.

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