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How is Tuition Different from School?

Tuition is no doubt a more fruitful approach. It is a more interactive and individualistic learning process that speeds up the learning process of children struggling with tough lessons at schools. Tuition also takes place in a calmer and cozier environment that boosts up the learning levels of students.

Below are the distinct benefits of tutoring over schooling:

1- Parents & Child Driven Learning Process

Tuition is a child-driven learning process, while schooling is a teacher-driven learning process. Tuition is all focused on the learning of the child. If the child is stuck on lesson 1, the tutor has to ensure that child gets a firm understanding of it before proceeding to lesson 2. Things are the other way round in schools. Students have to follow the teacher’s pace of delivering lessons whether they understand or not. The teacher moves up to the next lesson as scheduled after delivering lesson 1 in the previous session. 

Parents also play a more pivotal role in tutoring. The tutor has to follow parents’ guidelines and clear out their reservations from time to time. Parents are kept frequently informed about the children’s progress in the tuition environment.

The learning process also greatly varies with age in tuition setups. College students might ask the teacher to prepare them for specific topics while school students don’t recommend any specific subjects to tutors since they are at the very beginning of their academic phases.

2- Inclined to Student’s Engagement

One of the biggest challenges in tutoring is taking care of student preferences. Your student might ask you to stop anytime and request a day off. You will need to remain cheerful & optimistic every time the student puts up such a request. 

It is best to plan the lessons with high engagement levels so the students won’t get bored at any point. A good approach is to design the courses with a medium level of difficulty. Students would find it challenging and won’t lose attention from it. 

However, if the student gets bored, you should try to re-engage them towards learning with a casual talk about their hobbies. Try discussing the topic of their interests and revert to the lesson after some time.

A rewarding attitude can also keep up the concentration levels of children. You should try frequent praise remarks for the students so they feel being valued in the learning process.

3- More Rewarding Breaks

You have to take more refreshing breaks. If you see the constant distraction of students, it’s best to stop for a while. You should try giving them a break for some time to freshen up. They might need a cup of coffee or some snacks to rebuild their attention towards lessons.

However, if none of this works towards the re-engagement of students, you should directly ask them that what is keeping them distracted for so long. Do they have something on their mind or is it just the boring topic that is losing their attention.

4- Child Valued Approach 

Lack of confidence always impacts the learning levels of students. Tuition helps to develop confidence in children through additional preparations of lessons. Students are more confident while having an additional preparation level alongside school lessons. Firm command on lessons helps build confidence in children and they feel that they can easily tackle any questions coming their way. 

Parental support in the teaching process also strengthens the learning behavior of children. Most of the tutors share their planned course outlines with parents to earn their full confidence. The combined efforts of tutors and parents help students to reach the maximum preparation levels among their classmates. 

5- No Discouragement at All

Tutoring helps develop a growth mindset that encourages every bit of improvement. Students should never label themselves weak & bad in certain subjects. As this behavior ends every possible effort for improvement. Tutors much teach students that they will acquire the best understanding of the tough subjects in a while if they put their constant efforts to learn these subjects. A tutor should always be playing the encouraging role even if the child is quite lagging in the understanding levels. 

In some cases, if the student still doesn’t make it through after a lot of effort, a tutor should buckle up by saying that you are finding it hard through present methods but we are going to change strategies to help you make it through it.

6- Encourages Questioning & Openness 

Tutors usually ask students to discuss their queries at end of every lesson. This doesn’t happen mostly in schools where the children are outnumbered to get individual attention from the teacher. Some students have a habit of asking nothing but tutors mostly follow a student-focused approach in tuitions to get their feedback. This practice encourages questioning and students get motivated to ask questions. They feel a welcoming attitude when they ask questions from tutors. This builds up their questioning potential at schools too. 

Tuition helps build up the confidence levels in children. It is a more focused and student-centered approach which is surely more beneficial in getting bright results as compared to general teaching behavior at schools.

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