Traits of Online Teacher

Eight Qualities of Best Online Tutors

A successful online teacher is a lot different from a successful in-person tutor. Successful online tutoring requires a large extent of creativity, profound expertise, and a highly engaging set of communication skills. The daily challenge of an online tutor is to make the next lesson more attractive and exciting for remote students. 

Some of the essential qualities of a successful online tutor are described below:

Academic Excellence

Academic excellence is a prerequisite for both physical & virtual tutoring. The teacher needs to have relevant subject degrees and certifications to be fit for tutoring the chosen subjects. These are essential requirements for online tutoring in most countries. Most online tutors now tend to have higher degrees to earn the best credibility for teaching the subjects. Tutors at our institution usually have master’s degrees with extensive knowledge of the subject they take up to teach children.

Tech Savvy

Online tutoring cannot happen without a profound knowledge of technology. After all, your every minute will be spent on the use of technology for delivering lessons. An online tutor must be tech-savvy and friendly with the help of software and online content creation platforms. Some of the most used platforms include spreadsheets for delivering homework, PowerPoint for providing lessons, and Google drives and Google sheets for storing up the lessons and marking homework. Online tutors also take the help of visual animations and videos to deliver complex concepts to children. 

Highly Creative

One of the vital challenges online tutors face is creativity in their lessons. A boring subject won’t be able to grab students’ attention remotely. There is no survival here without being creative. Online tutors need to plan to deliver lessons in different creative ways each day. They might use visuals in one lesson and engaging videos in the next lesson. They need to create interactive questioning answering sessions online as well to keep children glued to their screens.

Cheerful & Welcoming

Online teaching may give rise to a communication gap between students, parents, and tutors. Online tutors must be very friendly and welcoming for remote children. A happy, smiling teacher can encourage children and earn the credibility of their parents quickly. Online tutors need to ensure a friendly environment while delivering lessons to keep up children’s interest levels.

Reachable Anytime

Online tutors need to make themselves available out of working hours. One of the most prominent barriers to being virtual is being unreachable. You must be able to handle the query of children and parents anytime. A swift response to every question provides a pleasant environment for both children and parents. It’s better to leave your phone number and emails with your parents so they can contact you without any physical barrier.

Analyses Own Performance

Constant feedback through quizzes or questioning-answering sessions is essential to check the understanding levels of children. Although lengthy exams are not feasible but conducting an online quiz competition between students can give a clear idea of how effective virtual tutoring has been to the students so far.

Highly Encouraging

Encouragement is one of the crucial traits of a successful online tutor; the students need a friendly counselor who can encourage them even for a small step of improvement. Criticizing teachers never get along with online tutoring since children may already struggle to concentrate on computer screens. They need constant encouragement and positive feedback to keep doing their best in such a remote environment.

Enthusiastic & Passionate

Passionate & lively teachers earn more online engagement from remote children. Children are more interested to learn in exciting ways. Teachers who greet children with full enthusiasm and make them happy in fun ways are more likable by parents. The teacher should also interact with every student personally to find out their interests and hobbies.

We take pride in developing the highest scrutiny procedures for selecting highly qualified online tutors for your children. The above qualities are the prerequisites for onboarding every online tutor at our platform. Get in touch to hire the best online tutors from our institution.


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