Different online learning styles

What are Different Learning Styles of Students?

Understanding a child’s learning style is very crucial to planning online tutoring lessons. This is why we inquire about all difficulties faced by children in their courses during the first parent tutor meeting. We have developed the smartest tutoring lessons styles for each type of struggling child so the right tutoring techniques are implemented to the specific struggling children.

Although, the struggles of every child may be different. However, we have observed the six major learning styles of struggling children:


  1. The Strugglers

The most typical students who seek tuition are the children struggling with a specific subject. These students are often left behind due to the fast pace of the course followed by school teachers. These students would complain about the boring subjects or not be able to understand the tough subjects. These students fall into the strugglers’ group.


What is our tuition approach for strugglers?

These children lack a firm understanding of the basics. Our tutors start teaching such students with very fundamentals. The pace of the tutoring style is quite slow because it is designed to work on the basics of children. When the children grasp the fundamentals, the pace of tutoring is developed to suit the understanding of students.


We provide a step-wise tutoring plan to parents of strugglers so they are well aware that our tutor is going to spend time on the basics with the student. We provide parents with vital information to understand that why it is so important to go back to teaching basics to strengthen up their child’s concepts.


  1. The Able but Unconfident

These are children who are well capable to handle every complex lesson but are not confident enough to take up the challenge. These children can complete every hard assignment but they lack the right amount of confidence to deliver their best. They don’t believe that they can do the task and even if they take up the task, they are stuck in fear all the time that they will fail.


What is our tuition approach for able but unconfident?

Our tutors ignite the questioning abilities of these children. They first start with questioning basic concepts which the student already knows so they feel confident in replying to these questions. The teachers usually boost up the confidence using the praise words like you knew that already very well.


We know some parents are too busy to know about their children’s difficulties. We encourage parents of such children to question them in their daily activities so they can build up their confidence levels. However, we recommend a balanced approach. Parents should not use too much praise as it may kill the efforts for betterment in the future.


  1. The Meanderers

These are children who are doing satisfactory but have greater potential to do much more. These students need a little boost and a good push to use their maximum potential. Mostly, these students are distracted in domestic or classroom environments and often lose true concentration on their capabilities.


What is our tuition approach for Meanderers?

These children just need shorter tuition sessions to reach their maximum potential levels. A little motivation is enough to show them that they are capable to do a lot more than they are doing right now. Our tutors develop more fun & activity-based sessions with such children. Tutors start with developing smart brain teasers & challenging activities to show the children their right caliber.


These children mostly await feedbacks from parents & teachers to feel proud of themselves. We recommend parents to praise children for their good efforts such as you did that task in quite a fantastic manner. It is more encouraging to involve children in praising conversation like how you are feeling on such a victory today?


  1. The Poor Learners

These children require the maximum efforts level of our tutors. These students are stuck in developing their learning behavior. They give up too easily on every subject and require constant efforts from tutors to keep them involved in the learning process. They might never try to grasp concepts and jump to memorizing answers directly. They can also be easily distracted in every task that requires concentration apart from studies.


What is our tuition approach for poor learners?

The pace of tutoring is quite slower for such children. This type of tutoring needs full confidence from parents as well. Such children need to develop their concentration skills first to learn the subjects. Our tutors develop focusing activities from time to time to increase the concentration period of such students. As soon the tutors realize the progress in concentration levels, they develop more challenging activities that require an extended period of concentration. If a student shows no progress, we implement another set of smart strategies to increase focus levels. With increased focus levels, we start delivering subject lessons with easy to medium difficulty levels to such students.


Our techniques not only ensure greater concentration on studies but also on every task these students handle in their daily life activities.


  1. Aspirational Able

These students want to reach the highest grades or their parents want them to be pushed at maximum potential levels at schools. A more challenging tutoring approach is needed to prepare such students to reach the highest performance in their school.


What is our tuition Approach for Aspiration Able?

Our tutors target their approach on specific objectives of students & parents. If students need to excel in a certain subject, we formulate assessments to gauge their current understanding levels and then design the harder lessons so they can put more effort towards firm understanding. Our mock tests & final assessments ensure that our planned lessons helped students make a lot of progress to reach their highest potential. We recommend smart exam techniques to students so they first implement the time-division & priority techniques in their examinations.



  1. Students with Special Educational Needs

The struggles of children can also be physically apart from the learning behaviors. These children are assigned our most expert tutors who are well aware of the barriers faced by such children.


What is our tuition approach for Special Needs Students?

The specific condition of a medical problem of children needs to be discussed in our first parent tutor meeting. We ask for the background of physical barriers faced by children. Taking into account such barriers, we then develop the right interactive lessons to be delivered to such children. We also take feedback from parents & school teachers after our few tutoring sessions to gauge the effectiveness of our smart tutoring strategies to children with special needs.


Judging the right learning style of children in the first child tutor meeting is the prerequisite for all of our tutoring lessons. Our specially designed lessons for each learning style have uplifted many students to their maximum potentials. We believe in delivering the right tutoring solutions

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