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Online Tutoring: If’s & But’s

Online tutoring isn’t a whole new concept. It has always been present alongside the physical & conventional mediums of teaching students. However, it caught a recent flare when the world had to go virtual during pandemic times. Most of the traditional means of education were compromised and academia depended completely on online tutoring.

Online tutoring connects children & teachers from the comfort of homes. There are no physical boundaries. Online tutoring services can be availed for school-going children to seniors graduating from universities. 

The article is going to cover up many aspects of online tutoring that you need to know about.

How does Online Tutoring Work?

Online tutoring makes use of the internet to connect students with teachers. Some of the online tutoring means are listed below:

      1. Skype & Zoom 

Teachers teach students through skype and zoom software using both webcam and microphone features of their PC over the internet. The student shows the homework over the webcam and the cycle of learning & teaching continues so on.

       2. Virtual Classroom

The teacher broadcasts the classroom environment to many students sitting at their homes. Teachers teach planned lessons usually on whiteboards in front of webcams and students get the live feed of the lessons.

      3. Shared Live Screens

It is a more interactive teaching one-to-one session. Teacher and student share their live screens and the teacher instructs each student in a separate session. 

When to Choose Online Tutoring?

Online tutoring can be either primary means of education or a secondary source of exams preparations. You will need it when:

1- Your child cannot attend classes physically due to lockdowns.

2- Your child needs to boost up preparation on a tough subject for coming examinations.

3- You want your child to learn faster by more one to one sessions from the teacher than in classrooms

4- Your child has missed school for some reason and needs coaching so they don’t miss the academic year  

Why are One-to-One Sessions More Preferable?

Online tutoring is most useful through interactive one-to-one sessions. The basic ideology of online tutoring is to accelerate a child’s learning process which would not be possible in groups. At the present pandemic times, online tutors tend to teach students in groups of four to five through shared screens. But our priority has always been the highest quality of online tutoring for children that is achieved only through one-to-one teaching sessions. 

Wide Range of Subjects 

For little ones entering primary schools, our online tutoring is available for mathematics & English subjects. We have taught children through many innovative visual techniques that help them understand better as compared to conventional ways. For secondary school students, our tutors teach all science subjects including physics, chemistry, biology, and mathematics. 

We also teach to carve out the hidden talents of your children. Our skilled teachers also teach music, singing, dance, sketch & paint works alongside the regular subjects to make your children fully equipped with all the extracurricular talents.

Is it Safe?

Online tutoring is no doubt the safest means of education today. You don’t have to worry about the safety of your children from pandemics anymore when you don’t have to step outside the home. Most tutoring companies like that ours keep a well-maintained database of tutors’ health checks and educational competencies like that of physical institutes. You can ask for the competition for the profile of the tutor your child would be interacting with to clear out any signs of doubts about your investments in online tutoring. 

Online Tutoring Budgeted Plans

Price isn’t our target. We believe in the quality of tutoring whatever option you choose. Our tutoring plans cater to every parent’s budget. You can choose to avail one to one tutoring or a small virtual class group for your children. 

Choosing virtual groups is a matter of a few bucks and even our one-to-one tutoring options are the most economical ones. 

Parents are given a free trial of a couple of days of various tutoring plans so they can make the best decisions on choosing the right tutoring plan for their children.

No need to worry if your children was left behind!

For fallen behind students due to any family issues or lockdowns, we have designed special tutoring classes alongside regular ones so they can cope up with the curriculum gaps faster in shorter periods so they won’t suffer a loss of the whole academic year. 

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